This page is for all the stories and scripts written by Donald Newton. I originally wrote stories for the Scream fan fiction. But I have other story ideas that is not meant for Scream. So I wanted to share my stories, therefore, I started this page to share them with you.

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Welcome, my friends

Donald Newton's StoriesEdit

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Other Users's StoriesEdit

These are stories written by other users. While they maybe Fan Fiction stories of movies, shows, and stories, they are NOT strictly fan fictions. They could be your own original story unrelated to any movie, show, or existing story.

Scream - Let the Blood Begin (Season 1)

By Bella Thorne1

Scream - The Primal Fear

By Alexander (Chainsaw-xo)

Sara Missing Android Found Footage

By JMOfficial


UPDATE (2/27/17): The Doors Fan will become the very first story to be posted in audio. The text of the story will be posted the same as usual. But it'll be accompanied with audio for you to listen to.

UPDATE (2/26/17): I'm announcing that even as both "The Proxy Murders" and "Guardian X" are being written, that there will be 3 total stories for GX but that TPM may have multiple including something special after the alleged "final story." I continue to invite you to post your own stories. I've noticed two of my friends have posted Scream fan fictions. That is okay if you'd like to do that. However, I'd like to remind you that I made this page so that we're not restricted to just Scream stories. It is okay if Scream stories are your preferences. But I'd love to see other stories as well. I plan on eventually write my "The Doors Fan" story. It's a personal story that I'd like to share with you. It is NOT horror. It's a drama, semi-autobiogrophy.

UPDATE (2/25/17): I am now inviting all of my readers to post their own stories so that they can have the chance to have their stories read by others. I am hoping this page grows to more than just friends from the Scream wikia.